God Cares About His Art And Beauty,


And God Has Spoken About It In Many Miraculous Ways!

More Than A Dozen Miracles Are Numbered And Given In Yellow!

Amazing  Facts  Are Mingled With Amazing And Confirming Miracles!

God's  Focus  Certainly  Is  Not  About Crushing Beauty As He Placed In Eden And

Called Very Good.  God's Concern Rather Is That People Be Humble, Kind, And Honest!

And Yes One Reason Truth About Perfect Beauty As God Placed In Eden (And Related Issues),

Has Become  So Obscured  Is  Because  People  Too Often Lack Kindness, Humility, And Honesty.

    God in August of 2023 unexpectedly healed my arm that was quite handicapped for numerous months at a most meaningful moment as vividly confirmed all aspects of this website.    See the story given as miracle 15 below.  God also in March of 2024 provided a most unique incident where what at first was deemed to be  bear poop turned rather was found to have great beauty like to most precious gems.   This incident vividly portraying how religion has mistakenly deemed what God called very good in Eden as filth and dirt or bare (bear) poop.   See the story how supposed bear poop completely stunned us when it began gleaming like most precious gems given as miracle 16 below.  

Although many might disregard my words, may they take God's Word and miracles He sent very seriously!

Don't Miss The Unforgettable Miracles And Issues Section Near The End!

"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good "  (Gen 1:31).

 "And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed"  (Gen 2:25).

Bare Facts That Are Often Overlooked And While Cruel Errors Prevail!

 Nude religious art has been painted in ancient church cathedrals, while further nude statues are often placed in governmental and prestigious buildings.   It also must be admitted that God certainly did not place filth, dirt, or porn in Eden, and admitted that Adam and Eve by their disobedience did not become wise to how shamefully their God made them.  Rather the Biblical Song of Songs expressly describes non obstructed and spotless feminine grandeur (as God placed in Eden), as seemingly in some kind of dance, with amazing respect and honor.  Why then are depictions of unobstructed and perfect feminine beauty as God called very good in the paradise garden, and which our Bibles speak of with respect and honor often crudely counted as filth and dirt?  These issues are extensively researched at DefiningPorn.com.  Therewith BeautyNotPorn.com gives a most vital and very enlightening allegory on the subject.  Technically pornography means fornication graphics, and certainly beauty rather than such was in the Paradise Garden.

   The Bible actually speaks of the doctrines of Devil's disallowing marriage, while therewith our world has become incredibly confused about issues surrounding beauty and sexuality.  And yes very strange branches have sprouted from the evil root that disallowed marriage!  Although hard to believe in quite recent American history, religion and popular doctors while portraying sexuality as shameful and unhealthy at the same time were advocating massage of women's breasts and wombs for medical reasons, and to bring women to what then was called hysterical paroxysm.  Further mechanical massagers were first invented to aid in this massaging, and while condoms were outlawed!  And typical religious dogma, expects to be trusted?   Therewith God has recently spoken with an abundance of miracles seeking to restore His good truth on this subject as well as others.  A dozen of those miracles are shared throughout this site while GodBeMyRock.com and other related websites share many more.  Ancient supposed Church Fathers called women the devil's gateway, whose perilous faces should be covered, and considered all sex a base and shameful act, scarcely fit for and only for procreation, and therewith greatly honored those who would stay fully away from sex even in marriage.  Their writing as such are given at this link DreadfulWritingsOfSupposedChurchFathers.  And yes our religious world inherited many other errors, and needs God's good light on other subjects as well as discussed at www.RememberRememberRemember.com part two.

Crushing Veiling Was Done In Ancient Pagan Religions BC

  The cruel emphasis relating to doctrines of devils which disallowed marriage certainly didn't stop there, but also bitterly crushed women's glory and beauty.  Interestingly many or most Christians believe Apostle Paul in 1 Cor 11 was advocating women's heads should somehow be veiled and her glory and beauty thus sadly crushed, although many dismiss it as a cultural issue.  But much research has clearly shown the very opposite, and made me very certain that Paul rather was rebuking crushing pagan veiling which began long before Paul's time,  and advocating graceful longer hair on women instead of a veil, and yes liberty and glory with the angels for her whom Paul said was made for man and to be the glory of man.  And yes God also has sent an abundance of miracles to confirm that very issue as shown at www.VeilOrGlory.com. According to the original Greek, Paul actually concluded his ardent proper covering teaching saying, "if a woman have long hair it is a glory and given INSTEAD of a veil.  Yes, hundreds of Bible verses use that very Greek word to precisely mean instead of as when speaking of one King reigning instead of another.   And further, Paul ardently advocated that lacking the appropriate covering he meant was too much like the shame of BEING FOULY SHORN and removing all head hair, and sadly many Christian women today imagining they are following Paul's teaching, dismally cover their heads in a manner as make them look little different than if they were.   For more See www.VeilOrHair.com.      

(1) Miraculous Buck Deer

Event Of November 2010

God Vividly Shows The Pain Which Suppressions Of Beauty And Sexuality Have Brought Upon Humanity. 

 For many years I passionately researched feminine beauty and sexuality, and therewith veiling of all sorts, and was completely stunned how reversed and misunderstood God's Good Word had become, and often could scarcely grasp myself what I felt God was teaching me.   I certainly was learning in a new way that the Bible means exactly what it says when it says God's law is the perfect law of liberty, says truth sets free, and that God withholds no good thing from them that walk uprightly.  And yes such being quite opposite of crushing religious manners related to the doctrines of devils that disallowed marriage, and which dreadfully shamed God's splendid creation as called very good in Eden.  During all this time of research, in November of 2010 I was about to take a significant step regarding exploring non obstructed and spotless femininity, a step I for some reason felt I should take but hardly had the nerve to although such was nothing different than what our Bibles honorably express in the Song of Songs.  And amazingly the very morning I was planning to take the step (although a bit hesitate),  God vividly demonstrated to me the intense pain faulty religious restrictions about feminine beauty have brought upon humanity.  Yes that very morning a buck deer appeared in the midst of our front lawn with both back legs broken and running on is broken knees with the lower parts of it's legs miserably dragging behind, and while further it was matting season.   Yes what pain the buck was in, and what a handicap to mate with both back legs broken!  And what a vivid metaphor of what religious oppression has done to beauty and sexuality!  And what an unforgettable sight and encouragement, at a pointed and crucial time!  And yes God over the years sent dozens of other and related miracles to encourage me and to bring light on the subject, and with many of the amazing miracles shared below.  God's concern is that  people are humble, kind, and honest, and His laws are based on protection and caring rather than on withholding, and may that be our concern as well. 

Please take no offense at the religious art shown here.  Similar to medical related nudity.

 Regarding  feminine glory, beauty, and all degrees of veiling, it should be noted and remembered

that  it  is not NUDITY ITSELF that religion and society has been so opposed to, as nude art as below

is  painted  in prestigious religious cathedrals, and nude Sculptures are often in prestigious and gov-

ernmental buildings.  Neither was nudity thought so heinous in ancient times, as clearly shown later.

Please Do Not Allow The Below Incident To Provoke And Halt Further Reading.

God Has Sent Many GREATER Miracles Pertaining To These Issues.  And

Many Further Scriptures and Surprising Issues Need Considered!

No It Is No Small Matter That Apostle Paul's Passionate Teaching

Promoting Longer Hair And Feminine Glory, Has Been Reversed As To

Crush It.  Neither  Is  It  Meaningless That Famous Queen Esther Replaced A Queen Rejected  For Not Showing Her Beauty To The King's Guests.  Nor Is It A

Small Matter That Various Biblical Examples And Directives Seem To Be Over-looked. Yes As Various Seemingly Lost Truths On This Subject And Others Dawned On Me It Often Caused Tears Of Consternation And Wonder.

(2) The Amazing Beautiful Bathtub Dirt Incident Of June 2013

Our God Designed Great Art And Beauty,

And Amazingly Shows Art And Beauty In A Bathtub!

  In this incident I was made to exclaim I did not know dirt could be so beautiful.  In the incident we had forgotten to drain the water in our bathtub and somehow during the night as the water slowly drained the slight dirt residue surprisingly left very beautiful designs in the bathtub which appeared the next morning and such as I never seen anything like before.  Yes the designs were so beautiful I unexpectedly exclaimed, "I didn’t know dirt could be so beautiful".  Yes the dirt on the bathtub floor appeared much like magnificent frost designs on a window.  And of most consequence God aligned my "I didn’t know dirt could be so beautiful" exclamation to precisely occur at a very meaningful time.  Just a few hours after that unusual exclamation, I being made aware of the magnificence of God’s feminine creation in a greater way found myself again unexpectedly exclaiming "I didn’t know dirt could be so beautiful".  And then was amazed how I had largely made the same exclamation just shortly before.  The night before the beautiful dirt in our bathtub event,  I in my continuing concern about veiling and related issues had made a connection that was somewhat difficult for me, but  in the light of uninhibited Biblical research and the many miracles God had shown me, felt I could or should.  Biblical manners in old times, ardent research, and many miracles, certainly gave a different message than the various dark layers of fog rising from the bitter anti sex and beauty teachings of supposed early Church Fathers.  Who not only veiled women's faces, but disoriented the whole sex subject insomuch that while condoms were outlawed women were being massaged with special tools to reach what doctors masked with the name hysterical paroxysm.  And may God deliver us from every related dark branch, and all oppressions stemming from Devilish doctrines that forbade marriage, and from counting what God called very good dirt.  Yes the beautiful dirt in the bathtub event that very morning causing the side by side "didn't know dirt could be so beautiful" exclamations certainly appeared to be much more than coincidence.  And yes the unveiling a bathtub signifies simply can't be overlooked.  And even further the source that provided the beauty that caused the replicated "beautiful dirt" exclamation, it had the word dirt in its official title.  God certainly can bring things together in amazing ways.  And yes that which God called very good, but our twisted world deems dirt, can be surprisingly beautiful just like the dirt in the bathtub.  


(3) The Miraculous Heart Tree Of Valentines 2019! 

  A few months before this unique tree fell I had often prayed religious errors and oppression surrounding Valentines issues would fall as tall dead trees, while this tree not only fell Valentines Eve but also blocked a church driveway I had much concerns about!  And further the tree was filled with an abundance of miraculous and meaningful images.  For more see www.HeartsAndLoveRevealed.com.  And even further I had created the potent page and poem as below for Valentines 2019, while this tree miraculous in many ways, fell that very Valentines Eve.  


A Fiery Valentines Poem Completed Just Before The Shocking Valentines Tree Fell!

Erring Religion Has Sadly Oppressed.  And Therewith Turned Many Against God And All Religion! 

Text From The Book Of Books Or Bible In The Song Of Songs, Meaning Poem Of Poems.

"The joints of thy thighs are like jewels, Thy navel is like a round goblet,  thy belly is

like a heap of wheat. Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins" (Song 7:1-3)


It Is High Time

To Open Eyes!

(4) Calendar Sharing The Story Of The Image Filled Valentines Tree

Found To Miraculously Fold As Places A Perfect Point  On The

Heart!  God Certainly Cares About Issues Surrounding

Valentines  And  Can  Add Miracles To Miracles!

But Many Have Locked Minds And Closed Eyes

As This Image God Painted On The Left. 

God who has many vital points to make on the subject, uniquely adds a point to the heart!   Giving an added witness to critics and doubters who complained the heart of the tree had no point on it.    

Yes The Calendar Furthering The

Valentines Tree Story Was Found  To Naturally Fold In An Amazing Way!

 Likely another miracle by an amazing God!  I had many outdated Calendars left and thought I would just fold them up and give them away, and was amazed at what I found when I folded it!  The above creature with the locked mind and closed eyes and big mouth, is one of up to 50 images God placed in  this heart!

God Certainly Cares About Hearts And Valentines Issues!

Below Is A Portion Of An Allegory Which Strikingly Points Out The

Oppression That Sprung From The  Doctrines Of Devils That Disallowed Marriage.  

Branches from that dark root miserably crushed and stole the glorious sunshine of she whom God created to be the glory of man.  Those with locked minds and closed eyes and big mistaken mouths will sadly miss out on God's good plan both for this life and the next. 

Copied From An Allegory At LostSexEd.com

    As Sam pondered how dark branches of all kinds evolved from the doctrine which disallowed marriage, and misera­bly misled and defrauded humanity, he was made to think of an old tale re­garding an ancient people called the Night Peo­ple.  A large tribe in the far north, who had the sad and strange be­lief that the light of the sun was very harmful to one's eyes and charac­ter.  Thus these very unfortunate people were afraid to open their eyes during daylight hours and were sadly kept in the dark.  The winter season when the sun stayed below the horizon was a wonderful time for them.  Concerning these strange people, they usually slept during the daylight hours, and did all their work after sundown and while it was dusk, or by the light of the moon, not realizing the blessing of the light of the sun.  It was very sad in­deed.  Because of their odd rejection of sunlight and working by the light of the moon these people became known as the moon shiners.  Nevertheless these people felt they and their fathers were very special, and were very sure their traditions and beliefs would win them paradise, and had many books and meetings to further and preserve their difficult manners.  Concerning anyone among them who dared to open their eyes during daylight hours and who learned of the blessing of sunlight and the beauty of colors and bright  flowers, they were greatly rejected and said to be captivated by and addicted to that which was very wrong and powerful.  The leaders of the Night People would blow a loud whistle in the evenings when it got dark enough for the people to safely open their eyes, and again would blow it in the morning when it again got dan­gerously light, while it seemed all of their leaders were as much in the dark as their people.  Sam thinking of this odd tale was often made to think about how Je­sus spoke of some loving darkness ra­ther than light and said He came to open the eyes of the blind and to set the cap­tives free.   ReligionGoneBananas.com shares a related and eye opening allegory.   Closed eyed religious cooks certainly have mixed up a dark and bitter soup.  Yes God is concerned about humility, kindness, and honesty, but the concerns of religion are often strange, imbalanced, and focused on defending man's religious systems. 

But Be Aware And Remember

Although God Does Not Forbid What Is Truly Good And Beautiful,

NOT ALL Sexual Manners Are Healthy, Good, And Beautiful.

And Rather Have Reason To Be Classified As Unclean.   

   God Has Painted A Pig's Eye Focusing On A Woman's Rear, Likely Showing What He Thinks Of Anal Sexuality.   God Also Painted A Wolf Which Actually Has What Could Be An Anal Sex Toy For Its Very Nose.  And While The Wolf With Such A Nose Is Biting An Eagles Beak Which Points Out America.    Yes the below images are phenomenal and miraculous images which God even further placed within the heart shaped Valentines tree, and which certainly confirm the Bible message!  God also provided I found a very special rock on July 4 2021 which shows a dragon hovering over an Eagle's Beak.  God certainly can do astonishing miracles and certainly is warning America through the miraculous images He provided below.   

Abominations Certainly Are Not Confined To Faulty Sexual Matters!

  Many improper things are an abomination to God.  Jesus actually said that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination to God.  Men too often proudly look to and trust one another rather than look to God which is an abomination  in itself.  

Not All Sexual Manners Are Good,  And God Is Warning America!

Too Many Christians Appear To Be Ready To Accept That Which Really Is Unclean And 

Wrong, While Counting God's Art And Beauty Which He Declared Very Good As Filth And Dirt.

(5) Amazing Rock Found July 4!



 The Dragon & Eagle's Beak Rock Of July 4 2021.

And The Eagle's Beak In A Wolf's Mouth, With A Dragon

And 21 Nearby (Likely For 2021), Found In The Valentines Tree.

For More See MiraclesWarningUSA.com 

  Issues about the July 4 rock amazingly correspond with images in the Valentines Tree.  God certainly is warning America and wants to rebuke both erring religious oppressions surrounding Valentines matters, as well as rebuke sexual manners that simply are unhealthy for families, children, and society in general.   God wants secure and happy partners and children, rather than scattered families or possibly adopted children with same sex parents.

For more and original images see www.OhGodSave.com

Be Wise And Careful With Valentines  Issues!

Fire, Glue,

And   Water Within Proper


The Letter

Of The Law

And   Faulty 

Interpretations Can Kill And Do The  Very  Op-posite Of The Life Giving In-tent Of God's Laws. 

(2 Cor 3:6)


  Valentines Issues Are  Much Like FIRE, Glue, And Water

which three powerful forces can wondrously warm, bond and nurture.  But outside of needed boundaries pain and destroy, and make a miserable mess.  Casual careless sex while young certainly prepares the way for later insecure partners and homes, with both adults and children in due time being scattered, frustrated, and pained!  God's plan about marriage is to provide secure partners and children, rather than a frustrated world with everyone at loose ends.  

Just What Is The Evil LUST Look Which Jesus Rebuked?

  Jesus wanting to keep homes strong and wanting men to be careful to not harm and disrupt families, warned that looking on a woman with an evil lust and coveting eye is committing adultery in the heart, as looking on another's wife with lust and envy and desiring to take is heart adultery.  Yes behavior that will destroy families and cruelly infringe on others!  Nevertheless, Christ by His striking warning about the evil lust look of an envious heart, certainly did not mean to turn God's splendid feminine art and beauty as He created in Eden and declared very good, into filth and dirt as doctrines of Devils and erring teachers have done!  Rather the pure one (to whom all things are pure), certainly can admire God's splendid art and beauty as without spot or wrinkle and its best, without seeking to take another's special flower in the least (Titus 1:15).  A must read allegory on these matters given at BeautyNotPorn.com makes these issues very clear!  God certainly did not send all the miracles shared on this site for no reason, but rather to confirm His good rather than depriving plan, and confirm His law is based on love and protection and truly the perfect law of liberty.  

  It is very sad that while Christ was passionately seeking to secure happy families by rebuking the lusting, coveting, and jealous eye, mistaken interpretations of His anti lust teaching have made it to do the very opposite of its good intent.  Such interpretation has encouraged wives to have unhealthy expectations and dread and jealousy about men merely admiring God's perfect art as honored in Scripture, insomuch it has brought great frustrations into marriages and even divorce!   Yes has encouraged bitter jealousy, although God particularly told David He gave him his numerous wives, and although the pure certainly can appreciate God's most splendid art of Eden with no thought whatsoever of pursuing and rather contribute the beauty to their own companion.  Yes, not only has the evil lust look resulted in broken homes, but faulty religious expectations have resulted in the same.  For more see BeautyFriendOrFoe.com which shares one couples amazing video and story about this very thing.  As often said on this site, God is concerned about humility, kindness, and honesty, and His laws built on love and caring rather than on withholding, and may we share His concern!

Don't Be Fool-

ish And Careless With Valentines Issues!

Fire, Glue,

And Water Out Side Of Proper Boundaries!

Mistaken Religion Has Encouraged Needless And Bitter Jealousy Among Women Rather Than Rebuking It! 


He Certainly Must Care About The Subject Of This Site!

(6) The Amazing Miracle Of The Dime Heads Up

When Pouring Out Sweeper Dirt. 

July 4 2005 Event  

My Passionate Research About Beauty Largely Began Year 2001

And Miracles Followed Ever Since.

 In my early research on matters about feminine beauty and sexuality, not trusting my own mind or feelings, I at particular times would prayerfully cast lots by flipping a coin for direction.  While interestingly therewith sometimes coins began falling at particular times on their very own as to help give direction.  During this time, and after God had just spoken through several special incidents with dimes,  I went outside to dump dirt out of our home sweeper and for some reason I just thought what if as I dump this dirt out a dime comes out and lands heads up.  And yes that is exactly what happened, a dime came out at the very last and landed on the very top of the pile of dirt heads up.  Yes right on top of the pile.  What a miracle!  I was amazed and certainly encouraged in what I felt God was teaching me.  Yes religions might call beauty as God placed in Eden dirt, but God called it very good.  The fact that this occurred on July 4 also points a bit at America.  Yes God is not only concerned with issues about Valentines, but therewith also greatly concerned about the Eagle which He now painted in a wolf's mouth, and with a shocking nose as shown above.

.Incident Appeared

Much Like This

People With Locked Minds And Closed Eyes,

When God Punishes, Don't Understand Why He Is Doing So.

When God punishes humanity for its evils, those with closed minds and eyes and big mouths bent on  defending their ways and traditions can become so blind they can't even discern what God is punishing them for.  Lamentations 2:14 speaking of such reads,  "Thy prophets have seen vain and foolish things for thee [Jerusalem]: and they have not discovered thine iniquity, to turn away thy captivity; but have seen for thee false burdens and causes of banishment".  As we seek to avoid God's judgements may we rather open our eyes wide, and pray with David the man after God's own heart who prayed ,  "Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day" (Psa 25:5).    God's good truth can be covered with mud, pushed aside, and lost for so long it may be counted a strange thing.  Hosea 8:12 speaks of such reading, "I have written to him the great things of my law, but they were counted as a strange thing."  

More About The Only Me And My Beauty Jealousy Aspect

And as we seek to find God's solid rock truth about uninhibited spotless feminine grandeur as honored in Scripture and declared very good in Eden, and solid rock truth about the only me and my beauty jealousy which religions have often encouraged in women, may we fully consider all Scriptures.  And may those who count show of uninhibited and spotless beauty as God declared very good in Eden as dirt, and encourage wives to clutch to an only me beautiful jealousy (as the wicked queen  in the tale of Snow White), not forget that God actually told David He gave him his numerous wives (2 Sam 12:8).  Nor forget that even further at David's death the people sought for the most beautiful young woman in the land to be as yet another wife to hopefully revive their King (1 Ki 1:2-4).  And all such so opposite of promoting an only me jealousy, and making as filth God's most beautiful art.  And finally may those who lightly disregard my words, not so lightly disregard the many miracles God has sent, as shared above and below, speaking on the subject.  Twisted branches stemming from the doctrine of devils that disallowed marriage certainly have misled our world, and miserably crushed and confused.  If I again may repeat, the Bible does not without reason speak of God's laws being sweet and the perfect law of liberty, and God withholding no good thing, and truth setting free.  Our world certainly needs to understand the difference between God created and intended liberty, beauty, and blessing, and abominations for which God punishes.  Including abominations of no law and debauchery on the blind liberal side, and on the blind conservative side abominations linked to doctrines and suppressions of devils.  And may God keep us from the dreadful blindness that can't even discern what God might be punishing us or humanity for!  

Yes God

Painted This In The Valentines Tree.  And with much reason!

"This people honoureth  me with their lips, but their heart is far from me Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the command-

ments of men." (Mark 7:6-7)

Jesus also said;

"Their eyes have they closed"

(Matt 13:15)

(7) And Yet Another Miracle

The Light Tree Incident Of August 2020

The Light Tree With A Crotch That Even Further Uniquely Became Topless

   Below Is A Tree With Both A Light And Crotch That Even Further Became Topless In A Quite Miraculous Manner!   I never really noticed the crotch on the tree till it uniquely became topless and I photographed it.   We were planning a small picnic in our special picnic area, and while starting to prepare for the picnic I was surprised to see our special light tree had no leaves and had completely died.   I then immediately studied a bit how to cut the tree down as it was very tall and situated among other trees.  But to my surprise a few hours later when I went back out to continue preparing for the picnic the top had broken off and the tree had become topless with very little storm and in a manner as almost certainly was much more than just coincidence.  Although this unique LIGHT TREE incident certainly provides a unique metaphor of the great need of GOD'S LIGHT and truth on issues pertaining to crotches and becoming topless, the tree also became topless in a manner as provides a vivid warning to a world that does not hear God's messages!!  One part of the tree top very uniquely blocked the path leading up to our picnic area and another part of the tree top very uniquely blocked and closed our very food kettle I had just set there some hours before.   A world that does not hear God's miracles and good laws will lack God's blessings and will hunger in many ways.  Interestingly Prophet Amos spoke of a bitter world wide famine of truth, and wherein the fair virgins and young men would faint for thirst, which certainly could involve confused and crushing times relating to beauty and sexuality (Amos 8:11-13).  For more see www.FaintForThirst.com.  And certainly the tree parts blocking both our picnic path and kettle could also point to physical hunger and judgement coming upon a world or nation which stubbornly has its minds locked and eyes closed.    For more see www.CallOfFire.com.

This Tree Very Uniquely Became Topless

Various Forms of Topless  Art


For some reason

the less attrac-tive the art is the more   accep-table it often is.


& Delilah


Tree Became Topless

With Amazing Timing. 

Further It

Blocked  Path To Picnic Area.

And Blocked Food Kettle.

For more amazing tree incidents with a similar message see  UprightAndFallingTrees.com 


ALL ASPECTS Of SEXUALITY, Rather Than Being Cruel And Oppressive.

Apostle Paul Not Only Spoke Of Devil's Dis-

allowing Marriage, But Also Wrote The Below!

   "Members of the body, which we think to be less honourable, upon these we bestow more abundant honour; and our uncomely parts have more abundant comeliness. 24 God hath tempered the body together, having given more abundant honour to that part which lacked: 25 That there should be no schism in the body; but that the  members should have the same care one for another." " (1 Cor 12:23-25).

   “If ye be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world, …why … are ye subject to ordinances, touch not; taste not; handle not;  …after the commandments and doctrines of men?  Which things have indeed a shew of wisdom, … neglecting of the body; not in any honour to the satisfying of the flesh." (Col 2:20-23).

 Although Apostle Paul wrote as above in quite recent American history condoms were outlawed and all manners of sex thought unhealthy by many, and therewith solo sexual release and fulfillment claimed to be most heinous and deadly.  See photos on right! 


Carbolic Acid And Other Cruel Tools Were Used

To Prevent Solo Sexual Release And Fulfillment.

Please Take No Offence At This Unique And Radiant Example Of God's Creation.

May We Not Thoughtlessly Or Blindly Count God's Most Splendid Art As Filth And Dirt!

Note, Many Even Greater Miracles Honoring Feminine Glory And Beauty Are Shared Below. 

A God Sent Miraculous Image

In The Heart  Of The Valentines Tree.

People Too Often Have Locked Minds,

Closed Eyes, And Big Mistaken Mouths, And Thus Cannot Understand Or See Anything!

With Locked Minds, Eyes Closed,  And Big Mouths Too Many People Further Ancient Errors.

Unique Photo With Natural X s

If XXX Must Mean Porn (Fornication Graphics)

XXX  Certainly  Was Not In God's Eden

Only His Glorious Creation Was There.

What Really Is Porn And XXX?

While Fully Nude Art Is In Prestigious Religious Cathedrals 

Perfect Non Nude Art As Above Might Be Quite Rejected.


More Vital Issues Pertaining To Veiling! 

  As said before crushing veiling, including face veiling began before 200 BC (and likely long before) in pagan religions of Rome and Greece.  And yes Apostle Paul according to the original Greek taught something quite opposite.  Apostle Paul oppositely taught that woman being made for man and to be the glory of man should have liberty about her head because or like the angels, and taught long hair is a GLORY given instead of a veil.  And then concluded and clinched his emphatic teaching about this issue saying, "if anyone is contentious about it,  non of the churches have such custom (crushing heathen customs)".  Yes Paul who further declared we all should come before God with open face, and declared Christ took away the veil,  certainly would not have approved of crushing pagan veiling customs for any of the Churches!   Paul also after rebuking religious oppression about sexuality actually said, "If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ" (1 Tim 4:1-6).  And where are those good ministers at?  God certainly cares about these issues providing miracles as above and below, and which certainly confirm His perfect law of liberty.  If our religious world sticks its head in the sand rather than researching these real to life issues one wonders how God is going to deal with our world, or how a true revival can brake forth.  If people have big mouths rather than open minds and eyes, a true revival certainly cannot occur!   

Does God Intend The Best Of Feminine Beauty As  He Placed In Eden And Declared Very Good To Be An Encouragement And Blessing To Man,

Or Mostly A  Temptation, Frustration, And Locked Room?

    Remembering Queen Esther replaced a queen who refused to come forth to show her beauty to the Kings guests, remembering God declared He gave David his numerous wives, remembering that God's laws make up the perfect law of liberty being intended to bless rather than defraud and pain, and considering all the issues on this site, what would God's plan be in our day?  Would it be that display of immaculate and unobstructed beauty as He placed in Eden and called very good, and is spoken of with honor in our Bibles, would now mostly be a battle, painful temptation, and frustration to those who love God, while being freely enjoyed and a special encouragement to those who reject God?  The Bible speaks of oppression making a wise man mad, making one wonder where the real wise men angered by falsity and oppression are at. 

And Even GREATER Miracles

Confirming Issues Spoken Of Above!

(8) Torn Bible Pages And Miraculously Placed Hair Etc;

(9) Fire On 50th Birthday Etc;  (10) Liberated Valentines Whale.

The Mouth Of Error Has Torn These Texts

Miraculous Tears In Our Bibles, At Two Most Crucial Scriptures About Veiling! Miraculous Hair Gets Under Glass When Framing Page.

 Feb 10 2011 - My 50th Birthday

Fire  Seen For  40 Miles. Confirms My Greek Veiling  Bible Research.

See www.CallOfFire.com

 Four Days Later Feb 14 

 Set Free On Valentines

2011 From A Stifling Net!

Gives Astonishing Show!

(11) The Historical

Meteors Of Valentines 2013

And With Amazing Timing And Correspondence

   The one struck and shook the earth, and the other almost struck the earth coming nearer than satellites.   And perfectly aligning with how I had prepared a very potent Valentines Poem for that Valentines which I strongly felt should shake the earth, and had struck one vital organization with it and had almost struck another but did not.  The poem starts out as "God first made man nude, and should man thus conclude, that our God initially made us lewd?"  The extremely potent poem and much more can be seen at www.EdenUnveiled.com .  

   These historical meteors had different trajectories (paths) and thus with good reason are said to be unrelated, and thus it is additionally amazing they occurred the very same day. Interestingly I wrote two extremely potent poems at Valentines about beauty and related issues.  And interestingly after the 2013 poem this double meteor event occurred and after the 2019 Valentines Poem the Valentines Tree fell. Considering All The Other Astonishing Miracles God Has Done On The Subject, Was This Coincidence?

God Certainly Does Care About

Issues Pertaining To Beauty And Valentines!


(12)  Flower On Computer


An Encouraging Flower Nicely Ends Up On My Computer.

And  Occurring  At  A  Needed Time  Within The Few Weeks

Between My Step Mother's Funeral And Our Siblings Reunion.

  This flower fell from a dried plant near by and landed just like this, and no it was not because blooms had been often falling as I am not aware that any fell before this.  Coming to my computer one morning I found it as this. Note how perfectly the flower is arranged!  The week this occurred I with a heavy heart had spoken to my siblings about how many of them had rejected unique and meaningful miracles God had sent my way,  and how I suspected they might not even read what I had written to them.  While this flower incident uniquely decorating the computer I write with, then provided yet another unique incident, and therewith appeared to give a special endorsement to my writing and activities  with this computer.  Yes I have written and written, and God has sent miracles and miracles, but too many have ignored and ignored, and God may soon punish our world of locked minds and closed eyes as many have foretold.  For more see MiraclesWarningUSA.com, OhGodSave.com,  & PleaseReadIt.com.   

(13) Flower Miraculously Planted 

The above flower incident soon after my mother's death reminds me of another much more amazing flower incident, and at the time of my father's death.  In that incident my wife unknowingly planted a flower in the very hole where I had just buried a small bag of precious walnuts that my father cracked before his death.   Yes within an hour or so, and not even knowing I buried them!  I could not get myself to eat the last of the walnuts my father had cracked, so I finally decided to bury them.  And yes God almost immediately added a flower to the burial site.  Our God who made possible humanity's resurrection, certainly does wonders and cares about  life, flowers, and beauty of all sorts.  And yes is able to, and will restore such beyond the grave, and wants all to know it. 

  Interesting both my wife and I were born the day Noah entered the ark, and further incidentally got married the very day Noah opened the cover of the Ark to a dry new world.  God wants our world to know His good truths, and has provided that through CHRIST (our world's real Ark of  Salvation and Truth), we can sail above our world's flood of untruth and evil to the glorious new world God has prepared (John 3:16).  True Godliness has promise of good for the life that now is and for that which is too come (1 Tim 4:8).  Jesus the resurrection and life came to deliver us from our world's floods of falsity and to set captives free, but the devil oppositely does not loose His prisoners, whether religious or non religious (Luke 4:18, Isa 14:12-17).

    I also was quite amazed when I learned that Marilyn Monroe, possibly our world's most crucial symbol of uninhibited feminine beauty was set free from a Psychiatric Ward on my birthday, February 10 1961.  And also amazed when I found out that additionally the new massive Niagara Falls Power Plant was placed into operation on the same day.  Feminine beauty certainly has power and splendor, and which certainly could be likened to the power and splendor of Niagara Falls.  And yes God certainly does not want its amazing power and grander bound within an insane asylum of filth and dirt.  And thus has done many astonishing miracles seeking to bring due honor to it, and seeking to expose the oppressions of the devil.  And God for some reason seen fit that these outstanding beauty and power events both occurred on my very birthday.  More on this later.

God Also

Speaks Through

Little Things




My Computer

Incident Of Feb 27 2021

Likely Oct 2008 Event

Noah Entered  The Ark  Feb 10.

And Opened The Ark To A Dry

New Earth January  1.


(Miracle 14) 

My Unique 21 Day Fast  And The  Amazing  Bound  Down  And Release Event  Of Jan 15, 2022. 


The Outstanding Tonga Eruption Occurred The Same Day As The Bound Down And Released Event.

The unique bound down and release event was combined with an astonishing 21 day fast and further occurred the same day as the great Tonga Eruption.  In January of 2022 while continuing to be concerned about oppressions about beauty and romance I was encouraged to go on a 21 day fast, which fast I immediately undertook, and which ended up being quite unique.  First of all, the dates surrounding the fast ended up being 1/11/2022 and 2/2/2022 which dates are particularly unique since the numbers one and two relate to being alone as well as to love and romance or Valentines issues.  And even further soon after starting the fast my dentures got run over with a vehicle and even more interestingly the demolished dentures incident left me without teeth for exactly 21 days.  It certainly appeared God was giving various unique witnesses to the 21 day fast, as well as the related concerns.  And herewith, four days within this fast, on January 15 another very unique and meaningful incident occurred as in the following paragraph.

The Bound Down And Release Event

In our world while the GLBT and lawless are very bold about their sexuality, some religious people may be too timid to share an event as this, although God certainly wants His better plan and message heard!  On January 15 just several days into the fast my manhood member suddenly felt as if a needle or something sharp was poking it.  And I could not get comfortable and find relief, although I tried numerous times to adjust all clothing involved.  Finally, I had to do something about it and was forced to inspect what might be causing the pain, and it was very strange indeed.  I never experienced anything like it in my life.  My manhood member somehow was tied down very firmly, and not only that, it seemed as if something had gone dreadfully wrong as if a muscle or something within it had shrunk or completely gone haywire and was wrongfully binding it down.  My heart almost skipped a beat as it was held down so firmly, and strangely, and something seemed so greatly askew.  I then thought I possibly seen a tiny thread or something, but the problem seemed much greater than that!  What was so dreadfully binding it down?  Later and pondering the incident, were several largely invisible threads caught just wrong or what?  I certainly don’t know.  But suddenly my manhood member was freed and no longer very oddly attached and wrongly bound down.

I never was able to find out what really happened.  I did not remove a thread or notice one tearing.  But was very relieved that nothing serious was wrong, as for a short time something seemed so drastically askew that it took a while to recuperate after the shaking incident.  Yes, what an amazing example of what branches relating to doctrine of devils which disallowed marriage have done to humanity, and further this vivid example occurred within an amazing fast!  What God designed to arise and erupt with rich blessing and joy, doctrines of devils have cruelly bound down.  Note, obviously the power of sexual eruptions and matters about feminine beauty need contained within God’s proper and good boundaries.  However doctrines of devils have greatly confused God's good and and non oppressive boundaries.  And herewith it is of even much further significance that the powerful Tonga Volcano actually erupted the very day of my dreadfully bound down and release event.  Yes, one of the most powerful volcano eruptions of recent times, and yes, that eruption providing another and most outstanding example of release, eruption, and power.  The Tonga Volcano event further nicely reminded me of the historical meteorites events of Valentines 2013 (miracle 11 shared above), which also amazingly spoke on beauty and Valentines issues and showed God’s mighty hand and great concern thereabout.

(Miracle 15) 

My arm healed at a stunning time as vividly confirms all issues of this website! 

See the story on the below page.

(Miracle 16) 

What Was Thought To Be Bear Poop Turns Out To Be Splendid As The  Most Beautiful Gems!

The Bare Creation And Beauty God Called  Very Good In Eden Although Unfortunately Being Deemed Bare Or Bear Poop (Filth And Dirt) Is Found To Have Splendor and Beauty Like Most Precious Gems.   See The Story On The Below Page.  

Regarding This Very Confused  Subject

We Certainly Cannot Simply Trust Or Follow Any Crowd. 

Both The Religious And Non Religious Crowd Have Been Very Blind.   

For More See LostSexEd.com, HeartsAndLoveRevealed.com

EdenUnveiled.com, EveUnveiled.com, ExploreHereEveryDay.com,

GodBeMyRock.com, CallOfFire.com, and see the many related sites.



And What Really Is Harmful For Families And Society.

Our Present Religious World  Likely Can

Hardly Imagine God's Liberal Manners In Old Times.

  Not only did Queen Esther replace a queen that refused to come forth to show her beauty to the King's guests, but God particularly told David He gave Him his numerous wives and said He further would have given him thus and thus (Est 1:10-2:17, 2 Sam 12:8) .  And interestingly at David's death the Israelites sought the most beautiful young woman in the land to be as yet another wife or concubine to lie in his bosom and bring him heat and hopefully restore the health of their beloved King (1 Ki 1:1-4).  Most religious people and even non religious people today likely cannot imagine any of the like.   And it should not be overlooked that nudity was not thought so far out in old times.  Apostle Peter fished fully or nearly nude, putting on clothing to jump out of the boat into the sea (John 21:7).  And God actually asked Prophet Isaiah to prophecy fully nude as a sign of hard times to come (Isa 20:1-4).   And for some reason prophets in King Saul and David's time at times did prophesy nude, or at least in sackcloth and very unclothed (1 Sam 19:24).   King David danced very unclothed while moving the Holy Ark and at a time when he most certainly would not have done anything he felt might displease God.  Michal one of David's wives must have felt David's unclothed dance was not honorable for a King and according to the Greek criticized David for uncovering as uncovereth one of the dancers, nevertheless David rather than apologizing according to the Greek appears to have threatened to uncover even more (2 Sam 6:14-22).   May God help us find His way in all of this for our time.  

   Years of research and confirmed by an abundance of miracles has made me firmly believe being appropriately aware of immaculate and splendid beauty as God placed in Eden, can cause the good man to more highly esteem God's creation of women in general and to appreciate his own rose more, even if now a bit faded.   Actually the good man can contribute the beauty of feminine roses at their best to his own rose when naturally faded.   Obviously one should not allow himself to be attracted in a personal way to another's partner or to any woman that simply is not for him.  And certainly EXCESS in any matter is inappropriate, as well as loving anything more than God.  God must be honored and put first in all matters.  And yes God's Word simply and clearly teaches that all of God's laws are based on loving God as we aught, and on caring for others as we aught.  Yes the Bible says all God's commandments are enclosed in loving our neighbor as ourselves and says love thus is the fulfilling of the law (Rom 13:8-10).  Nevertheless harsh branches relating to the doctrine of Devils that disallowed marriage have sadly condemned good things relating to beauty and sexuality that do not infringe on God's good laws of love and liberty in the least!  Yes God has a battle for us to fight and cross for His children to bear, but may we learn what that is and bear that cross, and be delivered from crosses of any kind that relate to the doctrines of devil's that disallowed marriage!   The battle many religious men fight too often is sadly misdirected and far from fighting and suffering for God's real truth.  Although there certainly are times to fast and refrain, yet the Bible speaks of a proper time for every good thing.

Below Is Text From Our Bibles Regarding A Beauty Show As In The Song Of Songs

(NOTE SONG OF SONGS Would Indicate This Song Was A Most Vital Song - Poem)

"There are threescore queens, and fourscore concubines, and virgins without number." (Song 6:8)

Come back, come back, O Shulammite; come back, come back, that WE may gaze on you! 

Why would you gaze on the Shulammite as on the dance of Mahanaim?  (Song 6:13 NIV)

Thy navel is like a round goblet,  thy belly is like a heap of wheat (Song 7:2)

"Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins" (Song 7:3)

"The joints of thy thighs are like jewels, the work of the

hands of a cunning workman." (Song 7:1) 


 I by this website certainly do not mean to push anyone to against their conscience or wishes to observe God's art as applauded in the above Scripture, but am simply seeking to bring due respect to the best of God's magnificent art and beauty which has often been barbarously classified as dirt.  And seeking to expose the devil who the Bible speaks of as deceiving the whole world (Rev 12:9).  And seeking to show how good our God and creator really is,  and to bring many to know and love their God and creator and to find that Godliness which has promise for both this life and that which is to come (1 Tim 4:8).  




   And yes, I certainly cannot forget the buck deer with both back legs broken vividly showing the great pain  religious oppression of beauty and sexuality  brought upon humanity.  And even further the poor buck a day later, being pursued by a hunter, in its frustration jumped into a lake where it died.  And very symbolical of how some have committed suicide because of darkness and pain about the subject, and possibly being pursued by blind religious hunters shooting their arrows of shame and derision.   Yes many atrocious difficulties and teachings have resulted from the many layers of fog arising from the doctrines of devils that disallowed marriage.  The darkest fog, besides forbidding marriage, actually making marriage a frustrating place of temptation, by claiming sex even in marriage a loathsome and should be most rare act strictly for offspring.  And yes claiming all sexuality unhealthy, with solo orgasms being the most deadly, and to be prevented with spikes and carbolic acid.  And yes other dark layers of fog sadly crushing women's beauty in almost numberless manners.  Nor can I forget the beautiful dirt in the bathtub incident with perfect timing, and making me exclaim "I didn't know dirt could be so beautiful".  Nor can I forget the image filled heart tree that fell Valentines Eve, blocking the drive of a church I had great concerns about, and after praying religious errors on the subject would fall as dead trees!  Nor can I forget the abundance of other astonishing miracles God provided to teach me and our blind world a lesson about these issues, involving massive things such as meteorites of the heavens to such small things as a tiny hair, and amazing tears in special Bible pages.  Nor can I forget the phenomenal image God painted of a creature having a locked mind and closed eyes and a big and lofty mouth.  Literally and precisely showing how too many people are.  Nor can I forget how Paul's passionate teaching promoting long hair and women's glory has been totally and bitterly reversed as to crush her glory, and which cruel reversal is confirmed with an abundance of miracles, and can very clearly be shown by Scripture.  Nor can I forget numerous vital Biblical truths and issues which are blindly overlooked, nor forget how surprisingly liberal God was in old times.   Nor can I overlook how Paul spoke of good ministers of Jesus being those who expose the oppressions of the devil who disallowed marriage etc (1 Tim 4:1-6).   

  Yes, I could scarcely believe myself the things I found in my research.   And although others may find them hard to believe as well, may none carelessly overlook all the miracles and solid facts and what they speak.  And may God help us know how to deal with all issues relating to the subject, and to find His good balance therewith.  And finally may religious people be careful how they judge those whom they consider the non religious world on these matters.  This site certainly has not only been created for the religious, but for the non religious as well.   And further many who have been non religious may be more open to hear God's miracles and good truths than many religious ones.  And yes Jesus for some reason had  more good to say about the publicans and harlots, than closed minded religious ones, and ate with sinners to the dismay of the supposed righteous (Mat 21:31 Luke 15:2).  The Bible speaks of the man of sin being revealed before the end, and many will be completely shocked when he and his deceits are fully exposed and his mask removed!  And yes God wants to remove his mask and therewith has amazingly exposed him in this striking image which He also painted in the heart of the Valentines Tree.   

God Exposes The  Serpent And  Devil!

God's Painting Of  Valentines 2019

  In reality nudity is not the main issue of the popular filth and porn outcry, but rather the MORE SPLENDID, DELECTABLE, AND ATTRACTIVE God's unobstructed art is, the greater the outcry and the more many will condemn it as filth and porn.  Many would even cry out against husbands having portraits of their own wives flaunting glamourous and noninhibited art as the Bible with honor describes above, and count it dirt.  And although famous queen Esther spent a year becoming most attractive for the king, and replaced a queen rejected for not openly showing her beauty, our confused world might be more favorable to gay marriages than display of feminine glamour as honored in the above Scripture.  And yes even further, in our day, God's splendid art at its prime is often mixed in with inappropriate images of lawless, risky, and unhealthy sex, and with what really is porn by our confused, careless, and greedy world.  And therewith the lying serpent has bound our world in almost hopeless confusion and difficulty on the subject.  On the ignorant conservative side, dogma and expectations that grievously defraud, frustrate, shame, and alienate, and on the ignorant liberal and lawless side, frustrated and floundering lovers and broken and scattered homes.  And which difficulties God desires to prevent through His perfect law of liberty, and thus has sent many miracles on the subject seeking to confirm that perfect law.  

  Injustice and ignorance inflicting our world regarding these matters has  greatly concerned me for many years.  And therewith my allegory written more than 15 years ago as given at www.BeautyNotPorn.com is a must read. The Bible often speaks of God's laws being sweet, and speaks of a special book from Heaven BEING SWEET TO THE MOUTH BUT MAKING THE BELLY BITTER.   And so it certainly can be when one seeks to share the good Word of God with those wishing to defend austere religious works of supposed righteousness.





"For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory:

no  good  thing  will  he  withhold  from them that walk uprightly."  (Psalm 84:11).

"And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands

upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it."  (Psalm 90:17)

"Their shall be showers of blessings"  (Eze 34:26)

   Too many pastors as they shepherd their flock don't really care about their sheep, but simply want to be honored as shepherds and clothed with the rich wool of their sheep.  Yes too many shepherds as well as sheep have their minds locked and eyes closed, and therewith big mouths seeking acceptance and honor.  And may God, in such a world, rescue the SINCERE and oppressed sheep as spoken of below.  I will conclude this website with a special Scripture about deficient shepherds, and may God provide the deliverance and blessing for the suffering sheep He speaks of;

(Ezekiel 34:2-3,  10-11, 14, 26)

   "Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, say unto them, Thus saith the Lord, Woe be to the shepherds of Israel... 3 Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock.   10 Thus I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth.  11 For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold I will both search my sheep, and seek them out.  14 I will feed them in a good pasture, and upon the high mountains of Israel shall their fold be: there shall they lie in a good fold, and in a fat pasture shall they feed upon the mountains of Israel.  26 And I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and there shall be showers of blessing." 

Please be aware our religious world is not only confused about issues discussed

on this site, but also confused on vital issues pointed out in Part Two of www.RememberRememberRemember.com

The MIRACLES SHARED ON THIS SITE  (Some actually involve numerous miracles)

(1)    The Pained Buck Deer  

(2)    The Beautiful Bathtub Dirt

(3)    The Valentine Tree And Its Images (actually this involves many miracles)

(4)    The Stunning Folding Of The Valentines Calendar

(5)    The Amazing July 4 Rock

(6)    The Dime Heads Up Event

(7)    The Tree Becoming Topless Event

(8)    The  Bible Tears And Hair  (actually this involves three miracles)

(9)    The Phenomenal Flame Of Fire

(10)  The Valentines Whale Event

(11)  The Valentines Meteors Events

(12)  The Little Flower On My Computer

(13)  The Flower Planted Where I Buried Precious Walnuts

(14)  The Bound Down And Release Event

(15)  The Healing At A Moment As Confirm All Things About This Site

(16)   The Deemed Bear Poop  Actually Having Spender As Most Precious Gems

And yes God provided many other miracles as given at www.GodBeMyRock.com and related sites.


More About The Special Beauty And Massive Power Incidents On My Very Birthday

During my many years of researching veiling and beauty,  one day I for some reason got the urge to research events that occurred on my birthday being February 10 1961 and almost immediately discovered that on that very day Marilyn Monroe was released from an insane asylum, and the new Niagara Falls power plant was put into operation.  And yes God does want to deliver feminine glory and beauty from it's insane asylum of filth and dirt, as it rather than being merely filth and dirt has amazing splendor and power a bit like Niagara Falls.  And may God teach us how to deal with it in the best way possible within His good plan. 

GodsArtAndBeauty.com Identical to this site with the exception of some additional images and links at the end.

And An Amazing Event And Video That Uniquely Fits In With The Above.

An Amazing Prophecy By Someone Who Likely Did Not Know Me Or My Situation.

In The Video My Very Name Is Called Out With A Very Fitting Message In Many Ways!

God Uniquely Provided A Huge 36" Gas Line Has Been Constructed From The Place Of The Flame (Which Bore A Liberating Message About Veiling), Extending To Detroit Michigan A Huge Muslim Area.

The Flame Not Only Has A Vital Message For Christians, But Even More So For Muslims!

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